1.     Born to greater things we are,

                        A thousand hearts of dreaming youth,

                        Ornellas sons a’journeying far

                        To the realms of beauty, love and truth.


         Chorus : Each a bud a-thirst for bloom,

                    Spurning the encircling gloom,

                    Crying forth he knows no doom,

                    “Ad majora natus sum”


  1.                       At the bright and blessed gate,

                        Where the stainless halo glows,

                        O’er the Maid Immaculate,

                        Our blue and golden banner blows.

         Repeat the Chorus: Each a bud….


  1.                       From the stories kings of old,

                        From the valiant and the true,

                        Learn we to be wise and bold,

                        Cleanly feel and strongly do,

         Repeat the Chorus: Each a bud


  1.                      Seek we lily’s holy worth,

                       Seek we faith’s unvalued leaven,

                       Eager to transform the earth,

                       By the splendid dream of heaven,

         Repeat the Chorus: Each a bud….


                     Composed by: Prof. Armando Menezes